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5 Reasons Minnesota is the State for You

Ever thought about moving to Minnesota? You may have noticed that it is consistently ranked in the top 3 states to live in by US News & World Report, USA Today, and CNBC. Here are a couple reasons why…

1. The 4 seasons

You can’t talk about moving to Minnesota without discussing the weather. Although most people only associate Minnesota with our harsh winters, we also have beautiful springs, summers, and falls.

2. Education

Minnesota has the 7th best K-12 education system in the country. In fact, Minneapolis is ranked as the 15th most educated city in America. Minnesota also has a 6% higher high school graduation rate than the national average.

3. Lakes

Warning: after moving to Minnesota, you may find yourself wanting to purchase a boat. We love our lakes and spend almost all of our warm months boating, swimming, water skiing, or just “Up North” at the cabin.

4. No sales tax on clothes

Although this isn’t the sole reason one would want to move here, it sure is an added bonus. In Minnesota, you can look at the tag on a piece of clothing, and know that’s the price you’ll pay.

5. High Quality of Life

US News & World Report ranks Minnesota as the 2nd best state in the country for quality of life, right after North Dakota. Quality of life is measured based on a healthy natural and social environment. When you move to Minnesota, you can count on fresh air, clean water, and friendly people!

These are just a few highlights about this great state. Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about life in Minnesota!