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Easy Peasy Holiday Decorating Tips

When it comes to holiday decorating, we believe that less can be more. Using simple and classic pieces can truly bring your home to life!


1. Use what you’ve got

Take advantage of the themes and décor you already have in your room. Find festive pieces in colors that are already in your space. Using this method will make your home feel more cohesive on top of saving you lots of $$$!

2. Sometimes simple is chic

It can be so stressful to decorate and make your home feel full of Christmas cheer. However, sometimes it’s the simplest pieces that give your home a classy Christmas vibe. Think of a garland of evergreens, a fun, festive wreath, or even bowl with bright ornaments as a great centerpiece.

3. Pinecones galore

Pinecones are a versatile decoration and are easy to find! They provide a unique texture and warm color. You can place them almost anywhere to add some festive flair. Put them together with some bright red berries to make more of a statement.

4. Silver and white

With the heavy red and green colors that are so common this time of year, soften it up with some white and silver décor. Using silver will soften the look, while white will brighten up the room!

5. Don’t be scared of glitter

Adding a touch of glitter here and there is an eye-catching way to make your tree or mantle really shine. It also makes use of the natural light in your room to counterbalance the darker holiday colors.

What are your favorite holiday decorating tips and ideas? Please comment or send us a message!

Happy Holidays from the Twin City Property Sales Team!