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Get the Most out of your Home Renovations

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or not, these tips can help you get started on your next home renovation project. To know what specific choices you should make in your home to get the highest return, it is always best to seek the advice of a real estate agent. Please reach out if you ever have any home renovation questions!

Bathroom Remodel

Updating your bathroom, especially the master bath, can have a big impact on your home’s value. However, you don’t need to do a complete overhaul of the room to see a return. Some simple fixes can make your bathroom feel like new! Try repainting in neutral tones, updating your cabinets by putting on new hardware, or refinishing your tub. To step up your remodel, you can replace the sink with something a little more modern or add some tile to your tub or shower.


Curb appeal is always a must! It is hard to overestimate the power of first impressions. Clean up the yard by making sure the grass is cut, the shrubs are trimmed, and the walkway is clear. If you want to step it up a notch, you can add some colorful flowers and other plants. You can find a landscape designer to create a custom design for you for around $500.

Landscaping can help potential buyers fall in love with your property the second they see it!

Kitchen Remodel

Much like bathroom remodeling, less is often more. A big mistake some home-sellers make is putting more money into the remodel than the value of the home can justify. Try to create a kitchen that buyers in that price range would expect. (It is questions like this that can be best answered with a real estate agents’ help.)

In the kitchen, try your best to pick colors and styles that have mass appeal. This means using neutral tones that can go with a buyer’s own style. Updating the appliances or repainting the cabinets are smaller projects that go a long way. However, if you do want to make a bigger impact, making more space in the kitchen is a huge plus. Knocking out walls to create an open floor plan or just rearranging to make it look bigger will not go unnoticed by potential buyers.

Deck, Patio or Porch Addition

If you have the space in your yard, building a deck or patio can be a great selling point for your home. Building a patio is generally cheaper than building a deck, but decks generally have a slightly higher return on investment. However, both require that you invest in quality. When it comes to these types of projects, buyers will know if you used cheap materials. For decks, sellers typically get a higher return from wooden decks over composite materials.

An important thing to remember with decks and patios is to make sure they go with the size of the house. An enormous deck off the back of a small house would look out of place. Take a look at the decks/patios in your neighborhood and design yours accordingly.