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Love it or Leave it: 5 Things to Leave Behind

We’re all pack rats to one degree or another. It’s the honest truth, and that’s ok. However, moving is the perfect time to clean out and make sure you’re not hoarding useless items and bringing them into your new home.

5 Things to get rid of:

Expired items- Things get pushed to the back of the pantry or medicine cabinet. It happens to the best of us. But take a minute to clear out items that are no longer good. Why move what you can’t use?

Clothes you don’t wear- Clothes take up a lot of space and most of us have plenty of them. If you’re holding onto that sweater Aunt Tabitha knit you, or that something that you wore back in college, it’s time to clear it out. Unless you can put it on today and feel confident in the outfit, it’s probably not worth bringing along.

Promotional items- Free caps, bags, folders, travel-size lotions you stuffed in a closet and more. The list can go on for miles! Unless you actually use it, it needs to go. The good news is, you won’t be missing it for long. You’ll probably get plenty of free stuff to replace it with at the next event you attend.

Food- Try eating in more before the big moving day. This will serve a double purpose of saving you from moving loads of cereal boxes and frozen meats, as well as help you save some money.

Books you don’t love- a box full of books can be the heaviest box you have. Don’t let that weight make you resent them. If it’s not a favorite then donate or resell it. Just bring your best books and that weight won’t seem so intolerable. After all, it’s filled with your favorites!