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Low Down on the ZeroPlus Loan

Don’t miss important details about the ZeroPlus Loan from Keller Mortgage! Read more and start your pre-approval process today!

What is Keller Mortgage?

It is an online mortgage company owned by Keller Williams that offers a unique, cost-saving loan. It can only be utilized by clients of Keller Williams agents and buyers of properties being sold by Keller Williams agents.

What is the ZeroPlus Loan?

The ZeroPlus Loan has two parts:


Zero Origination Fees,

Zero Processing Fees, and

Zero Underwriting Fees


Low Rates and

$1,000 toward 3rd party closing costs (like title fees) for loans over $150k

How do I get a personal experience from an online mortgage company?

Once you fill out your application on the Keller Mortgage app, you will be assigned a lender who will be there every step of the way. You will work with the same lender throughout your entire transaction.

Through their Keller Mortgage app, your agent will also receive updates on your loan so they can help provide you a smooth and seamless mortgage experience.

How is it possible for Keller Mortgage to provide this good of a deal?

Unlike most loan companies like Quicken Loans or Rocket Mortgage, who pay millions of dollars a year to advertising, Keller Mortgage doesn’t spend a dime. You will only hear about them through Keller Williams agents. That puts the thousands of dollars per transaction back in the pocket of the buyer!

How can I apply for a Zero Plus Loan?

Contact our team today and we can email or text you a link to start your application!