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The 5 Essential Tactics for Decluttering Your Home

“Sir Yes Sir!”

That’s the only response we want to hear from you after reading our rules of engagement for home organizing. Decluttering is a constant battle, and this war holds no prisoners. Take control of the field by deploying our 5 must-follow tactics for your next cleaning project.

  1. First organize, then buy- Don’t buy storage boxes to toss everything into. Go through your space of choice and clear out what you no longer need. Once you know what you’re keeping, then organize and buy appropriate storage.
  2. Work in pieces- Don’t try to tackle your entire home in 1 day. You’ll never make it! Instead, block out 2-3 hour periods on different days and attack 1 area at a time.
  3. Completely complete each task completely- Choose an area or category to work on, and do the entire job. Sort by trash, donate or keep. Throw out trash bags immediately, go put donations in your car, and organize/store what you are keeping. Does an item need to go to another room? Take it there and find a place for it.
  4. Remember it takes time- Rome wasn’t built in a day and your home won’t be “Pinterest perfect” in one either. Your new system may need some adjusting and management, but that’s ok! It’s still better than your last one.
  5. Good enough is not the enemy- So your house never becomes an ad for the Container Store. If it works for your needs and looks good, you are successful! Never feel like a failure just because it isn’t perfect.